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Basic Research
Selected Publications

* Jiang, Grau et al., 2000
Differential Processing of Propeptide Inhibitor of Rap Phosphatases in Basillus Subtilis

* Diaz Ricci, Grau, Limansky, De Mendoza et al, 2000
Environmental Biochemistry - A New Approach for Teaching the Cycles of the Elements

* Roberto R. Grau, Adriana S Limansky, Juan C Diaz Ricci and Diez de Mendoza et al, 2000
The Windogradsky Column: A Simple and Inexpensive Approach to Teach Environmental Biochemistry

* Aguilar, Cybulski et al., 2001
Molecular basis of thermosensing: a two-component trasnduction thermometer in Bacillus subtillis

* Cybulski, Albanesi et al., 2002
Mechanism of membrane fluidity optimization: isothermal control of the Bacillus subtilis acyl-lipid desaturase

* Arabolaza, Grau et al., 2003
Characterization of a novel inhibitory feedback of the anti-anti-sigma SpoIIAA on Spo0A activation during development in Bacillus subtilis

* Balagué, Grau et al., 2003
Effect of Ciproflaxacin on Adhesive Properties of Non-P Mannose-Resistant Uropathogenic Escherichia Coli Isolates

* Cybulski, Del Solar et al., 2004
Bacillus subtilis DesR Functions as a Phosphorylation-activated Switch to Control Membrane Lipid Fluidity*

* Mansilla, Cybulski et al., 2004
Control of Membrane Lipid Fluidity by Molecular Thermosensors

* Mendez, Grau et al., 2004
Novel Roles of the Master Transcription Factors Spo0A and sigma;B for Survival and Sporulation of Bacillus subtilis at Low Growth Temperature

* I-Hsiu Huang, Grau et al., 2004
Disruption of the gene (spo0A) encoding sporulation transcription factor blocks endospore formation and enterotoxin production in enterotoxigenic Clostridium perfringens type A

* Gottig, Grau et al., 2005
The Bacillus subtilis SinR and RapA Developmental Regulators Are Responsible for Inhibition of Spore Development by Alcohol

* Lombardia, Grau et al., 2006
A LuxS-Dependent Cell-to-Cell Language Regulates Social Behavior and Development in Bacillus subtilis

* Philippe, Grau et al., 2006
Inorganic Phosphate Induces Mophogenesis And Enterotoxin Prodution in the Intestinal Pathogen Clostridium Perfringens

* Mendez, Grau et al., 2008
Carbon Catabolite Repression of Type IV Pilus-Dependent Gliding Motility in the Anaerobic Pathogen Clostridium perfringens

* Najle, Cybulski et al.,2009
Oligomerization of Bacillus subtilis DesR is required for fine tuning regulation of membrane fluidity

* Cybulsky, Martin et al., 2010
Membrane Thickness Cue for Cold Sensing in a Bacterium

* Cybulski, De Mendoza., 2011
Playing with transmembrane signals

* VidyaLaxma, Grau et al., 2012
Synergistic effects of probiotic Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Bacillus subtilis in malted ragi (Eleucine corocana) food for antagonistic activity against V. cholerae and other beneficial properties

* Mendez, Grau et al., 2012
Sugar inhibits the production of the toxins that trigger clostridial gas gangrene

* Pedrido, Grau et al., 2013
Spo0A links de novo fatty acid synthesis to sporulation and biofilm development in Bacillus subtilis

* Mussi, Cybulski et al., 2014
Using a Microbial Physiologic and Genetic Approach to Investigate How Bacteria Sense Physical Stimuliws

* Inda, Cybulski et al., 2014
A lipid-mediated conformational switch modulates the thermosensing activity of DesK

* Porrini, Cibulsky et al., 2014
Cerulenin inhibits unsaturated fatty acids synthesis in Bacillus subtilis by modifying the input signal of DesK thermosensor

* Trajtenberg, Cybulski et al., 2014
Allosteric Activation of Bacterial Response Regulators: the Role of the Cognate Histidine Kinase Beyond Phosphorylation

* Roldán, de Oña, Grau et al.,2014
Photocatalytic and biocidal activities of novel coating systems of mesoporous and dense TiO2-anatase containing silver nanoparticles

* Killian, Cybulski et al., 2015
Activation of the bacterial thermosensor DesK involves a serine zipper dimerization motif that is modulated by bilayer thickness

* Grau et al., 2015
A Duo of Potassium-Responsive Histidine Kinases Govern the Multicellular Destiny of Basillus Subtilis

* Cogliati, Grau et al., 2016
Bacterial Spores and its Relatives as Agents of Mass Destruction

* Perez, Grau et al., 2016
Esporas de Bacillus subtilis como adyuvantes de vacunas

* Rodriguez Ayala, Grau et al. 2017
Probiotic Basillus Subtilis, Lifespan and Helathy Longevity

* Rodriguez Ayala, Grau et al. 2017
Microbial flora, probiotics, Bacillus subtilisand the search for a long and healthy human longevity

* Rodriguez Ayala, Grau et al. 2017
Transcriptional regulation of adhesive properties of Bacillus subtilis

* Rodriguez Ayala, Grau et al. 2017
Bioprotocol Bacterial Gut Colonization

* Rodriguez Ayala, Grau et al. 2017
Bioprotocol NO and CSF

* Kovács, Grau et al. 2017
Surfing and sliding bacteria

* J. Bacteriol, Müller, Cybulski et al. - 2017
Light Modulates Metabolic Pathways and Other Novel Physiological Traits in the Human Pathogen Acinetobacter

* Bartolini, Grau et al. - 2018
Biofilms y Sigma B

Cogliati, Grau et al., 2019
Microbiocidal CuNP